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7 Of the Best Ereaders of 2022

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A few years ago, I was very doubtful of how useful ereaders would feel to me. I was within walking distance of a fabulous indie bookstore that sold new and gently used books and was of the “smell the books, feel the books” camp. Still, I was intrigued by them as an avid reader who had started seeing them everywhere. So I asked my roommate how she liked hers. At the time, she had the basic Amazon Kindle, which she really liked. She especially liked the convenient size and how the print didn’t hurt her eyes. She warmed me to the idea, but I still wasn’t completely convinced.

Fast forward a few years to now, and most of the books I read these days are on an ereader of some sort. I’m not alone, as around 30% of Americans now read ebooks. It makes sense. They offer portability, a potentially vast library of books at your finger tips, and their e-ink give eyes a break from tiresome screens by granting a paper-like reading experience. In addition to all that, now there are so many ways to get ebooks. There’s the public library with the glorious app that is Libby, and Book Riot even has a daily deals newsletter that will send you the best ebook deals everyday.

Since I’ve become totally sold on ebooks, and have even acquired a couple myself, I’d like to share with you the best ereaders 2022 has to offer. While any text-displaying device can technically be an ereader, I’ve mostly focused on devices whose main purpose is to display ebooks, magazines, and newspapers. I’ve also separated them by type of reader but then given a best overall option for versatile readers. Read on to find out the best ereaders of 2022.

Best EReader for Library Books

Kobo Clara HD ereader

Kobo Clara HD

Price: $116

Size: 6″ HD E-ink touchscreen; 5.9 oz

Storage: 8 GB

What’s supported: HTML, PDF, TXT, CBR, CBZ, EPUB, RTF

Pros: This has the best library support with a built-in feature that lets you borrow from libraries that use OverDrive software. It’s also small and lightweight, and has ComfortLight PRO, which reduces blue light.

Cons: This isn’t waterproof

Best EReader for Manga

Kobo forma

Kobo Forma

Price: $210

Size: 8″ E-ink touchscreen display; 7 oz

Storage: 8 GB or 32 GB

What’s supported: comic book files (CBZ and CBR), EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, FilePub, PDF

Pros: The bigger size of this reader, how well it looks in landscape mode, and its buttons that turn pages all make reading manga more fun. It’s also compatible with a greater number of formats, ensuring you’re able to download the next manga volume.

Cons: While manga mostly comes in black and white, there are the occasional colored pages, but this reader only features black and white. There is sometimes also a bit of a lag when using buttons, and it is a little pricey.

Best Kid’s EReader

Fire 7 Kids tablet

Fire 7 Kids’ tablet

Price: $100

Size: 7-inch touchscreen, 16 oz

Storage: 16 GB of storage

What’s supported: Kindle reading app and over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, audiobooks, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more

Pros: This comes with an introductory Amazon Kids+  subscription for one year, after which it is $2.99 per month. The selection of ebooks and audiobooks that come with the subscription allows for many options, so some favorites are bound to be found. Parents can also set up controls through the account. The protective bumper protects against uncertain little hands, and comes with a two year warranty against breakage. There is also a small color selection that provides a few nice options for light customization. Overall, it’s a good option for parents that would like their kids to have a few options wrapped up in one package.

Cons: This tablet can become a bit of a distraction for kids with all of the other functions it has available. Also, depending on what is downloaded, the storage may not be enough.

best affordable ereader



Price: $90

Size: 6” E-ink touchscreen; 6 oz

Storage: 8 GB

What’s supported: PDF, TXT, HTML, MOBI

Pros: The 2019 kindle is an upgrade on the original, and although it’s one of the more affordable options — especially with the occasional sale — it still offers so much. Its built-in front light and glare-free display read like paper, even when outdoors. And one full charge will leave the device charged for weeks. Additionally, Kindle Unlimited grants access to more than 2 million titles through a device that performs similarly to other, more expensive Kindle models. If you pair audiobooks with your ebooks, you can switch seamlessly between listening and reading with an Audible account.

Cons: This isn’t waterproof and the resolution isn’t the most crisp.

Best EReader 2022: Overall

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Price: $140+

Size: 6.8” E-ink touchscreen display; 7 oz

Storage: 8 GB

What’s supported: AZW, MOBI, PDF, TXT

Pros: This is a water-resistant, bigger Kindle with a front light that can change colors automatically, reducing eye strain. It also has excellent resolution. This will work best for reading books from public libraries as well as Amazon. A flat front design means it won’t get an accumulation of debris in its crevices, making this the perfect ereader to take to the beach. It also has up to 10 weeks of battery life, as well as many features of the basic Kindle, like a paper-like reading display.

Cons: Despite there being a bit of a price jump, there is no headphone jack, physical buttons, or cellular option.

Best EReader 2022: Runners Up

kindle oasis

Kindle Oasis

Price: $250

Size: 7″ E-ink touchscreen, 7oz.

Storage: 32 GB

What’s supported: HTML, MOBI, PDF, TXT

Pros: This is a waterproof device with an aluminum back panel, something you don’t see much of in ereaders. It also protects against eye strain with its adjustable warm light. The addition of buttons make some people feel more like they’re reading from a book, and the resolution and number of LED lights — the most of any ereader — make for a bright, crisp screen. Overall, this offers such a lush reading experience.

Cons: So then, why isn’t it Best Overall? For one, it still doesn’t have a headphone jack — you can only connect through bluetooth — and non-Amazon books are somewhat of an afterthought. This is to be expected to some degree, but at this price point, you expect for everything to be seamless. That brings me to the last con: the price. To be so much more expensive than the Paperwhite, one would expect a few more amenities.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Price: $320+

Size: 10.2″ touchscreen, 1.1 lbs

Storage: 64 GB, 256 GB

What’s supported: As a tablet, this supports different music, video, and ebook formats, including EPUB and PDF.

Pros: The storage space, wider screen, and color viewing make reading ebooks — especially manga and other, colored comics — so enjoyable. This being a tablet makes it a more cost-effective, all-in-one device that can even stand in for laptop given the right accessories.

Cons: As this is a tablet, and therefore doesn’t have e-ink, the reading experience won’t be akin to reading from paper. Reading over an extended period of time may lead to eye strain. And, unless you are strict with your notifications, they can be distracting when you’re trying to read.

Which ereader you choose will ultimately be up to how frequently you read ebooks, what kind of ebooks you read, and what kind of reading experience you’re looking to have. Luckily, you have plenty of options! Just don’t forget to accessorize your snazzy new ereader once you’ve made your choice.