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Snuggle With A Book…ish Blanket!

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Winter: to some, it means dark days and sad cold nights; to others, it is the best time to snuggle up with a book and read away, using the weather as an excuse to not have to get out of the house for social commitments.

When you have dodged all of your friends’ plans to meet up, have the fireplace and some background music, and you have chosen your book and beverage of choice, the only thing missing is a fluffy blanket to wrap yourself in, letting everyone in the house know you aren’t going anywhere. And sure, maybe you already have a bunch of blankets lying around, which your pet has made their own, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually have a book-themed blanket to go with all of the rest?

I’m sure you’ll agree when you feast your eyes on the selection I put together for you: these are perfect for your own enjoyment, or as a lovely gift. I included selections across a wide price range with a few cheaper options in there, too.

Let’s get comfy!

With A Lot Of Personality

Photo of a grey blanket with white fuzzy interior. The print is a stack of 3 books with glasses on top and a coffee mug next to it, the stack reads on the spine of each book Granpa's Reading Blanket

There is no better gift than one made especially for someone, like a personalized book blanket. This one is fuzzy and super pretty to boot. $58

Photo of a blanket draped over a bed. The blanket is pink and blue with an illustration of a stack of books, and the text A room full of books is a magical place, indeed

A room full of books is a magical place, indeed! $22+

Photo of an open blanket with a myriad of bookish images like cats and books and a girl reading and in the middle a white cat wearing orange classes and holding a book open with a bookshelf filled with books behind it. Above the cat a text reads That's what I do, and below it reads, I read books and I know things

This is very true. Mostly, the things I know are about books, but we don’t need to let that be known. Also, how cool does this cat look? $70

Photo of a blanket draped over a sofa, with illustrations of stacks of books, open books, and books placed next to each other on it, the books have pastel colours like pink and green and the pages are yellowed

I find this blanket an absolute beauty, the colours just go so well with each other! $30+

Photo of a blanket draped over a sofa with illustrations of books that seem to have fallen down, as they are all half open. The illustrations are in tones of gray and bronze

For those who prefer more neutral tones, there is this option as well! $30+

photo of a blanket placed on  a sofa and the blanket is printed to look exactly like a library card

This library card blanket is such a clever idea! Possible to personalize it, too! $85

With A Message

Photo of a blanket folded over a garden chair. The blanket is grey and shows the text Rachael's reading blanket (bring tea!)

A personalised blanket that puts your name front and center and shares a very important message as well! $40+

Photo of a person reading a book while laying on the couch, with a blanket on top of them. The blanket has an illustration of an open book from which flowers sprout, and the text My weekend is booked

What better way to make it clear you are not up to anything else than reading, than with a My weekend is booked blanket? It passes on a message and keeps you warm (and, hopefully, unbothered). $35

Photo of a person holding a blanket showing the illustration of a skull reading a book, with the text Just one more chapter on top

For those who, like me, love a more goth look, this is a wonderful choice, which also contains a lie most book lovers keep telling themselves: just one more chapter. $53

Photo of a grey blanket open on top of a chair. The blanket has an illustration of a couple of colourful books and the text So many books so little time in black letters all across it

So many books so little time, the ultimate book-worm motto in blanket form. $23+

Featuring The Classics

Photo of a very colourful blanket open over a chair featuring the covers of classical books like Alice In Wonderland making it look almost like a quilt

For those who like their bookish blankets related to fandoms and classic works of literature, there are a few to choose from, like this one featuring the cover of well-known tales. $30+

Photo of a blanket draped over a couch with a beautiful print of the map you can find in The Hobbit

This Hobbit-themed one is a true work of art. $80

Photo of a blanket placed on a fence showing a gorgeous illustration of the Witches by Macbeth with some text and nature elements

This one inspired by Macbeth witches is probably one of my favorites of the whole selection. $94+

Photo of an open blanket with a couple of books, a mug and a jar placed on it. The blanket has several quotes in it, resembling an old letter

If you enjoy being literally surrounded by quotes from classical books, this is the perfect blanket for you. So many good quotes in it, too! $89+

If you can’t get enough of bookish coziness, here is another bunch of blankets we put together last year, and some bookish socks to keep your feet extra warm!