Patricia Elzie-Tuttle

An information junkie at heart, Patricia has a Master's in Library and Information Science and has volunteered hundreds of hours as a sex educator. Her hobbies include baking, snail mail, archery, & poorly playing the ukulele. Her literary interests include comics, sci-fi, fantasy, erotica, self-improvement, non-fiction about food & science, & fairy tales. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Patricia lives in Oakland, CA with her wife and a small tree Patricia insists, "It's indoors, so it's an indoor plant!" If you yearn for a "Mary Poppins, but Black, Filipina, & queer," you can find her via her newsletter, Enthusiastic Encouragement & Dubious Advice, her author site, or on Twitter, Instagram, & Goodreads: @theinfophile. You can also hear her on All the Books! and All the Backlist podcasts.

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